World of PUNARVI

Punarvi Patel began her career studying fashion design at Los Angeles' Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Upon graduating, Punarvi had the opportunity to hone her craft and learn from two of the industry's most influential designers. She started working in design development & production for the fashion house of Naeem Khan in New York City. While at Naeem Khan, Punarvi learned the intricacies of designing & producing red carpet gowns, assisting in the creation of garments for clients such as: First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Noor of Jordan, Beyonce, and other A-List celebrities. Punarvi then continued her development by joining the legendary Oscar De La Renta, where she was responsible for production of all embroidered pieces while working closely with the design team. Punarvi imbibes inspiration from all of her surroundings. Her designs focus on modern silhouettes with a full spectrum of colors and exquisite embroidery. Punarvi's technical knowledge of a garment’s proper fit and design, combined with her innate creative abilities, results in an effortless and wearable collection that mirrors the kind of woman she is; confident, playful, and fearless. PUNARVI has been adored by Parineeti Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Nina Dobrev, and Lucy Hale amongst others. PUNARVI has been recognized by leading publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Femina. 

At PUNARVI, we believe in supporting organizations that strive to make a positive impact in the world. We will be donating 10% of proceeds from each tee sold on our website to charity: water. Imagine if you had no clean water. Imagine walking hours to the nearest river to collect water for your family -- water that's not even clean. Imagine giving that water to your kids. While this might seem unimaginable to us, it’s a reality for 748 million people in developing countries. After learning more about charity: water’s work, we knew we had to get involved to make a difference in the global water crisis. We’re supporting charity: water to help build clean water projects for people in need. The money we donate will go directly towards water project costs, funding long-lasting clean water solutions for people in need.