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The Five Tapestry

The Five Tapestry

Colliding both of my creative journeys as I know best — with embroidery. I’m so excited to finally announce the modern day “tapestry”.

This piece is called ‘The Five’. The number five represents humanity and life experiences. Human beings have five fingers, five toes, five senses, and five major systems of the body. It merges the movement of natural beings with the movement of nature, particularly in this case, the movement of coral under the sea. It also represents the five complete years of PUNARVI and what’s to come in the next five. I have many more ideas that I cannot wait to see come to life, and I also want to create custom pieces that are uniquely yours to the color and size of your space. We have so many mediums and fabrics through which we can create magic.


Hand embroidered raffia with custom dyed beads on linen


16" x 20" 

Custom color & sizing available

For this piece or to inquire about a custom piece for your home contact punarvi@punarvi.com

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Tamariua by Carla Cascales Alimbau


Carla Cascales Alimbau

"Tamariua is a sculpture built by recovering an old trunk that I found on the sand of the Tamariua cove in Costa Brava.

I decided to cut the trunk in half in order to show the purity of the inside. This is a parallelism with the human being: despite all of life’s difficult experiences, there is always a pure inner essence that makes you who you are.

Lately, I’ve been collaborating with Petra, a stone atelier in Valencia that let me use all the material that is broken or irregular so I can recycle it for my volumes and this way it becomes useful again. I combined the wood with a piece of a rescued marble that has the same texture of the trunk.

I repaired the marble with the Kintsugi technique. The golden repaired crack has the shape of a new outbreak of a tree, symbolizing a new life for these two materials found and recovered."


TRBN 20/18

Turbina Studio

Future Archeology: The Object as connection and symbol to understand past and future times.

The pieces are inspired by traditional pottery and made up intersecting earth and stone through fired clay and stone cast. The concept starts from the concave and circular shapes of the bowl and plate, depriving them of their original functionality. As an archeological site, the pieces operate as time capsules: searching leads from their material remains, thinking of possible futures in the past.


Bone White Coffee Table

Sanna Volker

Designed for the all-female exhibition 'Sisters'.

For Ferlov Mancoba, the main objective was to metaphorically ‘go hand-in-hand’ and create together. As a counterpoint to the selfish, soulless and materialistic world in which she felt she lived, she strove in her art to promote the great community of man across nations and cultures. ‘Only through each other can we live and breathe, and no-one creates alone’