Black Pepper Hazelnut Iced Latte

This black pepper hazelnut iced latte is one of my favorites. If you're the type of person who enjoys depth of flavors - this is the way to go! It has a sophisticated twist of your daily coffee ritual + it's right from home! This recipe combines the rich, aromatic essence of hazelnut, the bold kick of black pepper, and the subtle hint of sea salt. It is super easy to make and really needs no recipe but I want to share how simple and delicious it is!


Serves 1

Maldon Sea Salt
Pink House Alchemy Hazelnut Syrup
Coarse black pepper
Onyx Coffee Lab's Monarch roast
Extra Creamy Oat Milk by Planet Oat


In a cup, combine a generous pinch of Maldon sea salt and coarse black pepper (adjust based on your preference for a spicier kick). Add preferred pumps of Pink House Alchemy Hazelnut Syrup into the mix. The number of pumps can be adjusted to suit your sweetness preference, I personally use small pumps (not the normal large coffee shop kind) so need about 6-8 per cup. 

Next, in that same cup brew 1 shot of espresso using the Onyx Coffee Lab's Monarch roast. 

While the espresso is still warm, give it a generous stir to meld all the ingredients beautifully, allowing the warmth of the espresso to dissolve the salt and integrate the flavors. 

Fill your cup with extra creamy oat milk (preferably by Planet Oat) to the desired level. For extra touch + texture, you can also froth the milk but I personally skip this step for busy on-the-go days. 

Ice and enjoy!


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