The Five Tapestry

$2,200 USD

Colliding both of my creative journeys as I know best — with embroidery. I’m so excited to finally announce the modern day “tapestry”.

This piece is called ‘The Five’. The number five represents humanity and life experiences. Human beings have five fingers, five toes, five senses, and five major systems of the body. It merges the movement of natural beings with the movement of nature, particularly in this case, the movement of coral under the sea. It also represents the five complete years of PUNARVI and what’s to come in the next five. I have many more ideas that I cannot wait to see come to life, and I also want to create custom pieces that are uniquely yours to the color and size of your space. We have so many mediums and fabrics through which we can create magic.


Hand embroidered raffia with custom dyed beads on linen


16" x 20" 

Custom color & sizing available

To inquire about a custom piece for your home contact punarvi@punarvi.com

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